GC Sauna Shop would like to give you the opportunity to experience the finest products and superior craftsmanship available for both custom built saunas and sauna kits.


Private Residence, Coral Gables Estates, Coral Gables, FL Private Residence, Coral Gables Estates, Coral Gables, FL


GC Sauna Shop is based in South Florida, but will build custom sauanas almost anywhere. Some of the other areas we have built custom saunas include the Carribean islands of Barbados, Puerto Prince.




GC Sauna Shop is formost a custom sauna builder, and we work with home owners, architects, general contractors, and others to build the best saunas. We also provide services such as technical support, parts in all heaters and steam generators, professional installation, and much more. The GC Sauna Shop has a team of qualified professionals to assist you in your new or existing project.


Kurt Gibson, Master Carpenter, GC Sauna Shop Kurt Gibson, Master Carpenter, GC Sauna Shop



GC Sauna Shop provides only the most select pieces of kiln dried Western Red Cedar, Hemlock or Redwood. Our use of superior materials, equipment, and craftsmanship ensures that each of our saunas will last for many years. 


Residential sauna constructed with aspen wood Residential sauna constructed with aspen wood

Custom Modular Saunas


Sauna installation worries should not dissuade you from purchasing a sauna for your home, cabin or business.


GC Sauna Shop custom modular sauna kits make possible a sauna that could be easily installed by any homeowner. The benefits of owning a sauna far outweigh the trouble and effort to install one. If the installation seems a little too complicated, we also have qualified professional installers, with over 20 years of experience in the sauna business here to better assist you with your new sauna installation.

Parts and Accessories


GC Sauna Shop  can supply you with the parts and accessories to complete, enhance, or repair your sauna. Please call us at +1 305 776-3869+1 305 776-3869 or use the contact page for more information, or to order parts.


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